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Another specialty of DKP Inc. are  bathroom and bedroom remodels. Renovating or remodeling your home once in a while is certainly a great idea, not only because it adds value to your home but because it will make it look fresh and “young”. We can install everything from ceiling fans, to Jacuzzi tubs, to crown molding. The remodeling possibilities are limitless and the choice is yours! Even if all you need is a fresh coat of paint or a patched up drywall, DKP Inc. is looking forward to hearing from you and providing you with a positive and memorable home improvement experience. Why bother with DIY when we can do it for you and at an affordable price!

Homeowners rarely buy property that they love exactly as is. Whether you need more room

for a growing family, or you want to make a strategic investment in your most valuable asset

before it comes time to sell, DKP Inc. can get the job done right.

                                                                                Don’t think we stop at simple handyman projects; our craftsmen are experienced contractors

                                                                                who can remodel and reshape your current surroundings into an ideal dream home. Share

                                                                                your vision with us and we’ll make it a reality.
                                                                                We make every effort to stay on schedule and under budget. Working with DKP Inc. is never a

                                                                                hassle! You only need to make one call to get your project underway. No more communicating

                                                                                back and forth between separate companies with different specialties. Since we have all the

                                                                                skilled trades to perform all your remodeling needs, we’ll serve as your one and only point of

                                                                                contact throughout the entire process. It’s simple: no more juggling and no more headaches.

Our remodeling and maintenance services include:
* Home  Remodeling
Need to add or knock down a wall, install an archway, or build new bookshelves?

Bring in someone you can trust. We can transform your extra rooms into beautiful,

useful spaces.

*Bath Remodeling
Update your bathrooms with new water-conserving toilets and showers, trade your

old vanity for more counter and storage space, or go for a whole new look by replacing

your floor or tub. We can re-create a bathroom that better serves your needs and the

needs of your family.

*Kitchen Remodeling
A peaceful kitchen is a functional kitchen. Do you have enough room for all your tools

and cooking endeavors? We can build you an island, give you more counter space, create

a larger pantry, add extra cupboards, install a double sink, or replace your old appliances.

Floors are one of the first thing to consider when building or remodeling a room. We will

find the perfect floor for you home that your family will love.

*Crown Molding
New crown molding can change the entire vibe of your house. When you’re ready for a

new look, give us a call. We promise to provide results that you’ll love.

*Handicap Accessibility
Adjusting to a new handicap can be difficult, but with the right renovations, your

home doesn’t have to become an obstacle course.  We can widen doorways, build

ramps, and make your bathrooms and kitchen easier to use.

Renovating the exterior of your house can provide extra curb appeal and

functionality for your home. We can build or improve your existing patio,

porch, or deck.  Talk to us about adding railings, ceiling fans, or outdoor lighting.

**Organization Systems
Is your closet, garage, or pantry a mess? Some spaces inherently make organization

*Outdoor Decks
Homeowners that are interested in sprucing up the overall look of their property, and making it more functional but at the same time more practical, should definitely consider installing an outdoor deck. Outdoor decks are a great way to improve accessibility in and out of the home, as well as create an ideal area for entertaining, relaxing, and other family activities. Attempting to tackle a DIY deck project can leave you with mediocre, unsatisfying results. Such involved household projects are better left to the expertise of DKP Inc., especially since there is a huge safety factor to consider. Our certified professionals will use the finest materials and up to date training in order to provide you with a beautiful and sturdy deck that will withstand even the most fickle Florida weather.
If you already have an outdoor deck, but it is in need of repairs or a fresh look, our handyman services still have you covered. When it comes to the safety and lifetime of your deck, inspection is key. Maintenance and upkeep will ensure that your outdoor deck stays visually stunning and safe all year long.
Consider the following benefits of installing outdoor decks:
• Eco friendliness         • No painting required         • Visually pleasant        • Family friendly   • Entertaining opportunities    • Increased property value

Whether you are in the market for a brand new outdoor deck, or standard wear-and-tear repairs, we want to get the job done for you, in a timely and efficient manner.

*Damaged Decks
A deck is damaged due to age, poor maintenance or careless use. For example, plant containers that overflow cause the wet area underneath to rot. Termites can also damage the deck. The solution is usually decided by the extent of the problem. Small local damages can be repaired. If there is structural damage or if the deck has neared the end of its useful life or begun to sag, it has to be replaced.
Some indications that a deck may need replacement:
• Rot is visible in the outer regions of the frame
• The deck feels spongy when you walk on it and some areas are soft
• Loose railing posts
• The frame does not hold screws and nails
If you think your outdoor deck may need replacement, contact us today to schedule an assessment!